Some time ago, EDUCA Business Association launched a certification system for circular economy processes. This project has become a reality now and it’s the first label of this type recognized at European level. Through this label, EDUCA can certify companies for their circular economy practices if they meet certain requirements.

In the association, we have 6 labels for 6 different circular economy practices that companies can develop before, during, or after their production processes: REDUCTION, REUSE, RECYCLING, RECOVERY, RENEWAL, and REPAIR.

When we talk about REDUCTION, we refer to an efficiency improvement when producing or using a product, hence consuming few resources and materials.

Regarding the R for REDUCTION, companies have a long way ahead:

  • Reducing raw materials with new and more efficient equipment.
  • Reducing the energy and supply consumption of the final product.
  • Reducing stock by standardizing products’ elements.
  • Optimizing the stocktake of raw materials, spare parts, and final goods.
  • Cutting down the range of products.

And how can I achieve it?

  • Reusing waste material
  • Doing quality and tracking controls
  • Exchanging products: waste products from a specific process can be turned into raw material for a second course
  • Sending waste to the local recycling facility

If your company already carries out any reduction process, please do not hesitate to contact us to obtain your certificate in circular economy!