In EDUCA Business and Professional Association, we’ve opted for implementing good practices and circular economy for several years. Since we aim to esteem and highlight activities and actions like these, we always keep our member companies and other related companies informed about them.

Since we’ve always been very committed to circular economy, we haven’t stopped working until we’ve got a circular economy certification approved by the EU. This ready-made certification enables us to give value to the endeavours and activities from companies introducing circular economy processes and tools.

Our certification is made up of different labels: reuse, recovery, recycling, renewal, repair and reduction. All companies that develop activities related to any of these 6 practices can apply to EDUCA Association for this certification, which is valid at European level.

At the moment, there are several companies, both within and outside the Association, that have got certified in any of the aforementioned labels that we offer. Furthermore, there are also many other companies attempting to restructure different processes to become able to join the circular economy.