EDUCA Business Association has started up a certification system for circular economy processes based on the five essential Rs that can be found in any production process. This certification process enables companies to obtain a certification in circular economy from EDUCA Association. It’s the first label of this kind approved by the EU.

In our certification system, a third party verifies whether circular economy strategies and processes based on the principle of “closing the lifecycle” are properly applied or not. This matter can offer confidence to potential clients.

Our accreditation is conducted through an independent and transparent process that analyses, among other aspects, the interested party’s plan for circular economy, resource management, and circular economy report.

Obtaining our label does not only support sustainable development, but it can also be useful to small companies that would like to enhance their image within the industry and opt for circular economy processes. This is possible due to our understanding of the environmental requirements from the EU and the different sustainable development trends from all over the world.


    2. REUSE
    5. RENEWAL
    6. REPAIR